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    October 25th, 2021WelHat FairtraderUncategorized

    This website is now just an archive. This Fairtrade group is no longer operating. The group members are much indebted to our former leader Gill Pinfold who sadly passed away. She was the driving force behind this group and very much missed. Our thanks and best wishes are offered to her family, for all the hard work and dedication she gave over a great many years. Rest in Peace Gill.

    Gill (on the left) at an event in 2013.

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    March 26th, 2012WelHat FairtraderUncategorized

    Letter to Welwyn Hatfield Times 14 March 2012



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    March 16th, 2012WelHat FairtraderUncategorized

    Do look at our letter and photo in this weeks edition of the Welwyn Times!