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    April 11th, 2012WelHat FairtraderFairtrade general

    Most of us enjoy a good cuppa, but not all tea is created equal. Actually it’s not grown or picked equally either as millions of hard pressed plantation workers around the world would tell you. But i’ve discovered one I really like from Sainsbury’s, so credit where it’s due and here’s a picture I took the other day, you can almost see the steam emanating from the brew in my mug.

    Fairtrade and Darjeeling tea - a fine combination at Sainsburys

    Fairtrade and Darjeeling tea - a fine combination

    I once visited the tea plantations of Darjeeling and watched the hard graft. Dozens of pickers clinging to a steep hillside in the pouring rain, my heart went out the them.

    Buying Fairtrade tea from Darjeeling at least reassures me that the tea workers are getting reasonable pay and conditions for their very significant toils.

    You can find out a lot more about Darjeeling and it’s renown teas by clicking here.

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