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    Fairtrade and related issues such as worker exploitation in developing countries has been increasingly covered on the TV in  the last few years, and so it should be. Television is a powerful medium by which to get the messages across about the injustices of trade, and the flouting of international regulations concerning child labour, heath and safety, minumum wages and general worker exploitation in developing countries.

    All this often so our retailers in the UK can make ever larger profits, at the expense of those who have no voice, but face daily hardships we would not tolerate for an hour, let alone a lifetime.

    The below videos fall into two categories; promoting Fairtrade, and revealing the explotation that Fairtrade aims to conquer. They are compelling viewing and appeal to our innate sense of fair play and social justice.

    The YouTube clips can be made bigger by clicking on the button bottom right.

    In promotion of Fairtrade:

    How Fairtrade works:

    Fairtrade Wine at the Coop:

    Cadburys Dairy Milk:

    Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream:

    A short film made for a school project, nicely done!

    Short film about cocoa farmers in Africa (tasting chocolate for the very first time!)

    Fairtrade:Improving Lives

     Exposing the reality of explotation:

    Who made your shirt? A short film.

    Slavery in the chocolate industry (46 min long but very enlightening)

    Blood, Sweat and Takeways: very good channel 4 documentary about rice farming

    More will follow soon, check back here!


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